Miguel Angel Sánchez Cogolludo

In 15 years of professional carreer on CG, and a background in Computer Science and Video Production, I’ve had different responsabilities, developing skills for numerous aspects of computer graphics, with greater focus on hard surface modelling, lighting, and compositing areas.

I also had working experience on rigging, animation, and fx simulation, so I have a complete vision of the entire pipeline of a vfx shot.

My programming skills help me to enhance the workflow and streamlining the processes.

My main interest is enhancing live action footage, making both invisible and bold visual effects.


– Matchmoving (SynthEyes, Boujou)
– Rotoscoping (After Effects, Nuke)
– Modeling (3DS MAX)
– Shading and Textures (Photoshop)
– UV-mapping (3DS MAX, Unfold3D)
– Compositing (After Effects, Digital Fusion, Nuke)
– Rendering\Lighting (V-ray, Mental Ray)
– Rendering optimization times
– Rendering solving problems
– Complex scenes management
– Scripting for repetitive tasks automation (maxscript, python, php, mysql)
– web and database programming

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